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Linda Gilfix

Linda was born in Boston, MA, and grew up in Newton. She was a commuter to college, and noted she couldn’t wear pants to college until her junior year, when the policy changed. She wanted to be a teacher as there were a lot of teachers in her family, including her mother and an uncle, and it seemed like a good career. At that time, there were not as many choices for women.

Linda met her future husband, Matthew, when they were fixed up on a blind date for New Year’s Eve in 1957. Later they went to her high school prom together. Linda and Matthew were engaged when she was a senior in college. They were married in 1961 after college graduation “as many people did back in the day”. That fall she started teaching second grade. But for her interview before she was married, she was told not to tell the school she was engaged or wear her ring to the interview, as that would lower her chances of getting the job. 

Linda is always very diligent about everything she does. As a teacher, she enjoyed watching kids’ faces light up, for example, when they learned new things or could master something in their reading, and she was pleased she could help them along the way.

Matthew worked for Honeywell, and in 1975 his division was transferred to Minneapolis, and they lived in Edina. Linda and Matthew had two children, Steve & Sharon, and there are five grandkids, aged 17-27. When their children were in junior high, Linda returned to working outside the home for a small company in the coding department. Over the years, she and Matthew had the opportunity to travel, including to Hong Kong, Korea. Mexico, and Canada.

Linda was a volunteer in NCJW , B’nai Emet, and several Edina organizations. She also volunteered for JFCS at a grade school doing reading with students one on one. She loved having the impact with the children and helping them.

In 2007 Matthew passed away from lung cancer. They had loved going to the theater and movies, which Linda continued doing until COVID. She loves to read – mostly novels, and World War II and Holocaust books have been her passion more recently. After COVID started, Linda found herself more interested in her Judaism, and looks for things to read about Judaism. Linda is a member of Adath Jeshurun Congregation, and enjoys zooming their services.

Linda eventually joined Brandeis and became active when BOND was created. The mission statement and goals have become important, and she notes that the philanthropy part of the mission statement is the most significant and wonderful goal to strive for—especially for women returning to the work place and needing financial aide. Linda takes BOND very seriously.