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Fruma Goldfarb

Fruma was born 1939 in St. Paul, Minnesota. She attended Mattock and Horace Mann Elementary School and Central High School. From there she trained to be an X-ray Technologist at the University of Minnesota and later she returned to the University for a BA degree. Fruma also received her teacher certification at Macalester College and a Master’s Degree in special education from St. Thomas College. Her special education training was K-12, working with children with autism and developmental disabilities.

In 1960 Fruma married Benjie Goldfarb. They have 4 sons and 19 grandchildren. Fruma & Benjie met at the U when she was an x-ray student. He’s from Duluth and is now a retired cardiologist.

When Fruma’s youngest son started school, she began teaching in the Minneapolis school system. In 1983 the family moved to Israel where they lived in Omer for 33 years before returning to Minneapolis in 2016. Their children and grandchildren are all now in the states, except two grandchildren who are in Israel. Fruma indicated that moving to Israel was an adventure and they were very idealistic. They had been on a trip there, and one of her sons said he wanted to live in Israel; they decided to make Aliyah. Her kids knew Rabbi Yonatan Sadoff, who grew up at Beth El, and he was the Rabbi at the Masorti congregation in Omer. He lived with them when he first arrived.

Fruma taught in the Israeli school system and at the Kaye Teacher’s College in Beer Sheva, where she taught math methods for special needs children, which is a program she developed while still in Minneapolis. This became her specialty. Fruma also supervised student teachers.

Fruma served as the chairperson of the Education Committee of Magen Avraham Masorti Synagogue in Omer for 20 years. When Fruma came back to Minneapolis, Fern Badzin brought her to a BOND event, decided Fruma should be a member, and Fern paid Fruma’s membership. Fruma sends out donation cards for BOND

Reading, cooking and quilting are favorite activities for Fruma.