BOND Early Childhood

The BOND Early Childhood Education Committee was the inspiration of Erna Fishhaut and Rhoda Redleaf and started eight years ago. Erna recently died, and it was her request that all memorials to her be given to this committee, whose work to help pre-school children gain language fluency to prepare them for school by using the beautiful educational games BOND members make. These games are currently being distributed to the St. Paul School system, Think Smart and the St. Paul Libraries. BOND was awarded a Certificate of Honor by the Northwest Hennepin Human Services Council in recognition

of outstanding volunteer efforts and investments in Northwest Hennepin County in 2013 for their work in the Robbinsdale Area School District.

The $2,000 donated in memory of Erna will aid the BOND committee in continuing in this worthy endeavor. Anyone interested in joining us, please contact Rhoda Redleaf at 651.905.9606 or