Our BOND members earn funds by paying dues, attending fund raising activities and participating in programs such as our annual Book Author Event.  You might ask, “Where does our money go?”

Our major contributions go for BOND scholarships. Members of our scholarship committee met this June and nine scholarships were awarded totaling $15,750. Over these past ten years nearly 90 scholarships have been awarded.  “The men and women who apply are truly deserving of our assistance,” said Judy Sherman, the chair of our BOND scholarship committee. “They are working hard and many of them are older students who hope to be able to return to the workforce to help support themselves and their families. “We can be proud of the difference we have made. The feedback that we get from those given scholarships say that our contribution is truly life-changing.”

Thanks to all of you who make this happen through your participation.

Click here for scholarship donation form.

Sheila Goldstein, Vice President, Philanthropy and Community Service