Bond In Brief

Mission.  Through Education, Service and Philanthropy, Branching Out in New Directions (BOND), a nonprofit organization, offers its members opportunity for intellectual pursuits, community service, social interaction and philanthropy.

History. BOND became incorporated in 2008. We are a Non-Profit Organization registered with the State of Minnesota. In the past twelve years, BOND has given out over $200,000 in scholarships to Minnesota residents.

Local focus. The philanthropic focus of this new organization is toward meeting Twin Cities needs exclusively and increasing opportunities for local volunteer service and philanthropy.  Many of the familiar educational, social and fundraising activities pioneered by former Brandeis members continue and have been expanded under the aegis of Branching Out in New Directions. These include extensive involvement in holiday gift package projects for those in need in both Minneapolis and St. Paul as well as support for projects in the areas of domestic abuse and unemployment services.

Programming.  BOND offers its members a rich array of regularly-scheduled educational events, including guided visits to museum exhibits, presentations on public affairs issues by public officials and community leaders, and monthly discussion groups on books, short stories and film.  Three times a year, the entire membership meets to hear talks by Twin Cities leaders in many fields.  Some members gather monthly to play bridge or to dine out for lunch and dinner.

Philosophy. The organization is run entirely by volunteers who give not only their time but in-kind contributions, thus minimizing operating expenses. Almost every BOND activity, such as a monthly book discussion group and even the bridge gatherings, collects mini-contributions of $1 or more per participating member at each gathering. This unique approach and numerous major fundraising projects allow each year’s financial allocation for scholarship funds and community services to be as large as possible.  Members learn and socialize while raising funds, often in collaboration with other community organizations.