Adventures in Learning


Sunday, October 20, 2019
Time: 7:00 pm – Wine and light bites to follow the performance
Guests are welcome

A-I-L-2019-3BOND invites you to meet two local artists and enjoy the musical magic they make together. Ellen Spokane, pianist, and Carl Passal, cellist, have been a piano and cello duo for eight years.

Ellen is a graduate of the Manhattan School of Music. She majored in composition and is a published composer. She has had commissions of her work at Indiana University, Ohio State University and Boston’s New Music Festival.

Carl has given many recitals and concerts and also plays in a piano quartet. He will share warm and insightful comments about the composers and the context behind the music.

The program will include two major works by Beethoven and Bernard Romberg followed by selected shorter pieces (or “musical gems” as Carl would call them). Do not miss this idyllic evening of a “musical conversation” between Ellen and Carl and experience those “ah-ha” moments that only music can evoke.

Home of Judy and Morris Sherman
3671 Oakton Ridge
Minnetonka 55305

Coordinators: Marlene Goldberg 612.743.9120 and Saralee Mogilner 952.935.2156

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Thursday, November 7, 2019
Fee: $10
TWO TOURS:  Choose your preferred time: 11:00 am or 2:00 pm
Each tour limited to 20 participants
Stools available
Guests are welcome

Artwork shown is called “Bess” by artist Sadie Benning

Joanne’s introduction clearly informs the tour. In her own words: “ Identity is the way we perceive and express ourselves. Everyone has an identity. In fact we have two —a personal identity which consists of private or interior thoughts and feelings, and a social or cultural identity which is our exterior persona visible to everyone. While we have the ability to choose to share our personal, private identity, our cultural identity consists of multiple intersecting factors that are visible to everyone, such as gender, race, ethnicity, social class, and sexuality.”

“Throughout time, artists have used their art as a vehicle for exploring and questioning ideas about identity —both their subjects’ identity and their own. Artists must carefully choose how they portray their subject—their clothing, hairstyle, accessories, and body language—to give the viewer a sense of their personality and identity, of who they are. It is up to us, the viewer, to determine if it is a true picture of the person or merely what they want us to see. On our tour we will explore several artworks from Mia’s collection and discover how artists express the concept of identity, and sometimes challenge it.”

*Do not miss this unique experience. Register quickly to secure a space!*

Minneapolis Institute of Art
2400 Third Avenue South. Minneapolis
Meet in Mia’s Upper Lobby by the Cafe and Store

Coordinators: Marlene Goldberg 612.743.9120 and Saralee Mogilner 952.935.2156

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Thursday, December 5, 2019
Time: 1:00 pm
Limit: 20 participants
*Closed shoes are required*
Guests are welcome

A-I-L-2019-4The Star Tribune is the largest newspaper in Minnesota. The Star Tribune serves Minneapolis and is distributed throughout the Minneapolis-Saint Paul metropolitan area, the state of Minnesota and the Upper Midwest.

In 1987, the Star Tribune opened a new, $110 million (equivalent to $213 million in 2018) printing plant, called the Heritage Center, in a historic warehouse district on the northern edge of downtown Minneapolis. Its five offset presses took over the printing of all Star Tribune editions. News and business offices remained in the old downtown headquarters, whose old presses were removed. In 2014, the Star Tribune’s Heritage printing plant began printing the St. Paul Pioneer Press under a contract with its cross-town rival. The following year USA Today contracted with the Star Tribune to print regional copies of its daily edition at the Heritage Plant.

The tour is led by well-trained and experienced guides. It is handicapped accessible and there are elevators in the building.

We all know that the crisis in local journalism is catastrophic – and it may get worse. So we are offering an opportunity to see the complicated production of producing a newspaper. Healthy local democracy requires healthy local journalism. This tour will give us insight into the making of a product we really do not want to be without.

Star Tribune Heritage Center Printing
Facility Headquarters
Enter main entrance on North First Street 800 North First Street
Minneapolis 55401

I-394 East which turns into North Third Avenue (Exit 9C). Turn left on North Second Street. Right to North Eighth Avenue. Bldg. is on the left:
Note – First Avenue and Eighth intersect. Metered street parking or lot one block away.

Coordinators: Marlene Goldberg 612.743.9120 and Saralee Mogilner 952.935.2156

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