President’s Message

Saralee-Mar2021President’s Message
By Saralee Mogilner

Dear BOND members,

Seven months ago, we introduced you to our first digital BOND newsletter!!! Then, we shifted to all-remote meetings, classes and other monthly activities! None of this was easy. None of it could have happened without your patience and ability to accept the changes that I know will never be completely accounted for or repaid. Now, let’s take a moment to reflect upon and celebrate our accomplishments over the past year.

We can all feel gratitude and great pride in what we have done together in the furtherance of the BOND mission statement, which again needs to be repeated: “Through education, service and philanthropy, BOND, a nonprofit organization, offers its members opportunity for intellectual pursuits, community service, social interaction and philanthropy”. All of this has occurrd in an unprecedented and unfathomable year.

During this challenging time, I and hopefully many of you, have become believers in finding joy wherever we can, even in the small-est things. BOND continued to offer its members exciting educational opportunities led by local experts and professionals. We have provided wonderful interaction within our book and short story monthly meetings. We have maximized our philanthropic funding. With a new membership directory, it is easy to connect with our members. Presently, we are able to enjoy lunch and dinner gatherings in small groups. Soon we will create new ways to come together while maintaining safe distancing. Hopefully, we will hold our annual Book Author event in August. If the stars continue to align, we will enjoy an exciting speaker and beautiful lunch-eon in October!

Finally, PLEASE don’t hesitate to share your interests and ideas with us. We need and want your input. There are unlimited opportunities for us to grow and remain viable within our changing world and our community. Let’s explore them together! Hopefully, the past months will soon be in our rear view mirrors and good health and happiness appear as we look ahead.


Saralee Mogilner
BOND President