President’s Message

Saralee-Mar2021President’s Message
By Saralee Mogilner

Dear BOND members,

Welcome to November! Hopefully, we will celebrate the new season in good health with many activities to invigorate us. PLEASE read your newsletter carefully. There are a variety of events to participate in, and they can offer a perfect antidote for a chilly early winter day.

On behalf of Branching Out In New Directions, thank you for your support this past year. Your generosity allowed us to successfully
accomplish our philanthropic missions, and at the same time, continue to create an array of innovative programming.

I hope you will continue your engagement as a member this coming year. Enjoy your association with bright, lively, and dedicated BOND women. The breadth of our goals and offerings are a testament to the wideranging interests of our members. We are truly unique! Most importantly, take pride and satisfaction in providing assistance to those in our community who desire career growth and economic

My best to all of you,

Saralee Mogilner
BOND President