President’s Message

Saralee-Mar2021President’s Message
By Saralee Mogilner

Dear BOND members,

Welcome to the sixth issue of our BOND newsletter! Thank you to our wonderful team who contributed so willingly to this edition and to Barbara for completing the process!!

In my March letter, I would like to share some history of how and why our organization, BOND, came to exist. Originally, we were affiliated with Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts, as the Brandeis University National Women’s Committee, which was founded in 1948. Interest was high and chapters were quickly being formed throughout the country. At that time, our support was directed to the Brandeis libraries. We also completed a pledge of a $50,000 Endowment for a scholarship assisting a student to attend Brandeis. This endowment exists in perpetuity.

In 2008, our membership determined we create a new and independent organization with the ability to keep our philanthropy endeavors in the Twin Cities, with Renee Gainsley as the first president.. Through the twelve years of our existence, BOND has donated over $20,000 annually towards scholarships, vocational assistance, and holiday gift programs. Executed through the Minneapolis Jewish Family Children’s Service and the St. Paul Jewish Family Service, our goals have remained basically the same. Our heritage is rooted in providing continuing education in a variety of ways, enabling individuals in our community the opportunity to reach a greater potential for happiness, success and find new enrichment in life. I look forward to continuing our year filled with the ability to provide promise and support to those who eagerly seek educational fulfillment.

My gratitude to all of you for furthering our causes……stay well and in touch.


Saralee Mogilner
BOND President