President’s Message

Carolyn Latz

President’s Message
By Carolyn Latz

Dear BOND Members and Friends:

This winter has been an experience in strength and change for our wonderful organization.

Thank goodness for the phones, transportation service, programs, book groups, luncheon & dinners, parties (Chanukah), games (bridge & Quirkle): ALL keeping us together. Since I have been out of town, we have embarked on a new format with which to run BOND (Acting President). I believe it has worked so well because all of our activities have interested us. The time, the energy, the ideas, and most importantly, the work people put into executing all the details has been fantastic. None of this could have happened unless you all pitched in. Thank you so much for working together!!

I would especially like to thank Saralee Mogilner for conducting the board meetings and Bev London for keeping track of what we are doing. The Board’s move to a new location was a big change.

Thank you Fern Badzin for letting us store our supplies in your garage during this transition. A lot of members pitched in this winter and I really appreciate it. Yes, it did take a village of BOND members to make it all work.

BOND is now going into it’s busiest season and our Spring/Summer activities will begin with New Programming, an exciting informative late April Fund Raiser and our Spring May Luncheon and Installation. I look forward to seeing you at these events. As you all know, I like socializing with everyone!!!

Please support our organization’s activities, as that enables BOND to continue it’s wonderful philanthropy.