President’s Message

Saralee-MogilnerPresident’s Message
By Saralee Mogilner

As the two years of my term as President of Branching Out in New Directions begins, I would like to extend a huge debt of gratitude to our Executive Board, Board-Member-At-Large, Committee Chairs and Past Presidents. Thank you Executive Board Members: Sheila Goldstein, Marlene Goldberg, Nettie Nabedrick, Babe Wartnick, Marilyn Wert, Renee Gainsley, Carole Epstein, Marian Altrowitz, Ursula Margolis, Rhonda Redleaf, Past President, Carolyn Latz, and newly appointed Beverly London, Administration, for successfully uniting your abilities and dedication to accomplish the vital tasks of the BOND vision. And, thank you, BOND committee members for your enthusiasm, vitality, imagination and commitment. It is a privilege to serve with you and for you!

My first message to you as President of Branching Out in New Directions is full of excitement and challenge! Despite local, national, and global anxieties, we continue to successfully offer our members programs and volunteer opportunities that are eagerly supported, innovative and timely.

Our Mission Statement is worth repeating, “..through Education, Service and Philanthropy, BOND, a non-profit organization, offers its members the opportunity for intellectual pursuits, community service and support and events  encouraging social interaction.”

Let’s look at the benefits of belonging to BOND:

  • BOND has provided scholarship funding of over $200,000 to men and women seeking funds to take needed courses enabling them to return to the work force. Imagine the satisfaction of providing someone with the prospect of newly found independence, self respect and happiness in a new or advanced career!
  • Meet others who share a love of learning!
  • Attend high quality and accessible programs and activities!
  • Join a special interest group ranging from book clubs to bridge to restaurant exploration!
  • Volunteer! Share your skills in our Early Childhood Community Service Project.
  • Support B’yaChad in St. Paul and/or Hag Sameach in Minneapolis
  • Join our dynamic Book Author Committee in the planning of our well-known yearly fundraiser.

BOND invites you to enjoy and thrive in your membership and participation…YOU are a core part of our success. Let BOND become a core part of your live as well.

Join us…