President’s Message

Saralee-Mar2021President’s Message
By Saralee Mogilner

Dear BOND members,

You are invited to the 22nd Annual Book Author Event! Join us at Oak Ridge Country Club on Wednesday, August 24, 2022 to hear five outstanding authors and artists share their recent literary and artistic endeavors. This is our most significant fundraiser of the year. The event gives us an opportunity to provide more scholarship funds in addition to the $250,000 that has been distributed over the past fourteen years.

Selecting applicants for scholarships is defined in two areas. The first category includes college and technical school students who wish to complete and receive their degree. The second group of recipients are persons re-entering the work force to provide better incomes for their families and/or to receive additional training enabling them to qualify for a more productive workplace.

We have seen our recipients completely transform their lives with our efforts and assistance. Thank you, friends of BOND past and present. Help us to continue our mission to assist deserving applicants in achieving their highest potential. Their journeys will add to the many that you have made possible every year.

My best to all of you,

Saralee Mogilner
BOND President