Adventures in Learning Spring 2019



Tuesday, April 16, 2019
Fee: $10
Time: 1:30 Refreshments, 2:00 Program
Guests are welcome
Minnesota-Memories-Adv-In-Lrng-2019Meet Kristal Leebrick, author of  “Thank You for Shopping – The Golden Age of Minnesota Department Stores”.

Take a nostalgic trip back to the glory days of downtown department stores, when beloved institutions such as Dayton’s, Donaldson’s, Powers, Young Quinlan, Marshall Fields, Field Schlick and the Golden Rule dominated the retail landscapes of downtown Minneapolis and
St. Paul. For countless Minnesotans the local department store was where they purchased their first prom dress, landed their first job, purchased a plane ticket, got their first charge card!

Kristal will present the history, stories and lavish illustrations behind these stores many of whom were centers of social life in the Twin Cities.

Kristal Leebrick has worked for more than three decades as a writer and editor for community newspapers, trade magazines and websites.

Do not miss this local historian take us on a journey back in time and experience the hustle, bustle, and heyday of Minnesota’s late, great department stores!!!

Lurie, LLP
2501 Wayzata Blvd West Entrance


Thursday, June 13, 2019
Fee: $10.00
2:00pm Arrive at 1:45 pm for refreshments
Guests are welcome

Join us to watch and discuss “The Jewish Cardinal”, based on the incredible true story of Jean-Marie Lustiger. The film tells the amazing true story of the son of Polish-Jewish immigrants, who maintained his cultural identity as a Jew even after converting to Catholicism at a young age and later joining the priesthood.

Quickly rising within the ranks of the Church, Lustiger was appointed Archbishop of Paris by Pope Jean Paul II and found a new platform to celebrate his dual enemies from both groups. When Carmelite nuns start building a convent within the cursed walls of Auschwitz, Lustiger finds himself a mediator between the two communities. “To say that I am no longer a Jew is like denying my father and mother…I am as Jewish as all the other members of my family who were butchered in Auschwitz or in the other camps” – Jean-Marie Lustiger quoted in the New York Times. Come to experience and share thoughts about this unflinchingly true experience!


Thursday, July 11, 2019
Fee: $10.00
Event limited to 20 participants and stools available.
Guests are welcome.
*Meet in Mia’s upper lobby by the cafe and store. Many restaurant options for lunch on your own at Mia or in the neighborhood.

Mia docent Joanne Platt returns to BOND’s Adventures In Learning offerings with another original presentation created just for us!! In her own words, she explains what her tour is all about: “The reality of being a refugee is inconceivable to most of us. We have never had to leave our homes and experience hardship and uncertainty as we traveled in search of a new and safe place to live. Although the reasons for transition may vary – either political, cultural, economic, or religious – and the movement itself may be either voluntary or involuntary, refugees and immigrants share a common desire to express those experiences through art. The power of art by people in transition is the power of storytelling, of connecting with others, and of fostering empathy. On our tour today, we will explore several artworks in Mia’s collection whose themes revolve around displacement, refugees, and loss of home, and adapting to life in a new and strange land, and (with the help of our wonderful docent and friend), we will discover the messages the artists wished to convey through their artworks.” –Joanne Platt

Enough said…do not miss this unique and timely artistic exploration!

Minneapolis Institute of Art
2400 3rd Avenue South, Minneapolis


Thursday, August 15, 2019
Fee: $35.00
Guests are welcome.
*Please make dinner reservations on your own at your choice of restaurant. “It’s Greek to Me” is a good option.

adv-lrng-4-2019Sarah Rasmussen, Artistic Director of the Jungle Theater, describes theater as “the place we come together to embrace our shared humanity through timely questions, imaginative leaps, and the much needed joy of laughter”. This being a platform that we believe in, you are invited to come and become part of the magic with “Stinkers”, featuring our local favorite, Sally Wingert, who returns to the Jungle after almost 15 years! The much-loved writer/director team, Josh Tobiessen and Sarah Rasmussen, reunite with Sally to form and exceptional creative team that will brilliantly capture the universal art of parenting and the complexity of life’s balances.

The Jungle never disappoints….do not miss this big hearted story with a stellar star, ideally suited for the unique and intimate space of this unique theater!

The Jungle Theater
2951 Lyndale Ave South