2018 Fall Adventures in Learning – Archive


#1 The Bell Museum: A Playground for Natural History Lovers

Friday, September 28
Fee: $15.00 for tour
Meet at 1:15 pm Tour: 1:30 pm (one hour)
Optional fee for Planetarium: $7.00, payable at the door
Arrange with your drivers if you wish to stay for the
Planetarium tour which will last an additional 50 minutes.
Limited to 15 participants. Guests welcome.

Bell Museum
Bell Museum

Join us as we tour the new and epic Bell Museum and
Planetarium! It has left its cramped, dilapidated quarters
on the University of Minnesota’s Minneapolis campus for a contemporary and sustainable design of local granite, steel, white pine and glass set among a pond and grassy fields on the St. Paul campus. Established in 1872 as the state’s natural history museum, the Bell has evolved from a collection of Minnesota “still lives” into a dynamic, interactive journey that explores our place in space and time.
The world-famous dioramas present three-dimensional scenes of taxidermist wild life displayed against the original 1940s painted backdrops by Francis Lee Jaques. We
will see a full-scale woolly mammoth, a diorama of wolves on a hunt and many other depicted animals that roamed this region during the last ice age. The specimens were
gathered before most visitors were born and many provide valuable documentation of climate change.

Add to your visit the new building’s must-see addition: The Whitney and Elizabeth MacMillan Planetarium! Take virtual journeys through the stars. Stretch out
in a tilt-back seat and shoot up into the void as Earth recedes and the solar system shrinks to a bubble resolving into a star circled by seven tiny exoplanets.
Note: Sandwiches and beverages are available in the gift shop. The Bell is handicapped accessible. Parking is available in a lot adjacent to the Bell Museum $5.00 fee.
The experience does require some physical activity, but is well worth it!

#2 A Visit With Artist Claude Riedel at the Minnesota Center for Glass Arts

Tuesday, October 23, 2018
Fee: $10.00
Meet at 10:45 am Program: 11:00 am
Limited to 20 participants. Guests welcome.
NOTE: No elevator in building – one flight of stairs

Mn Ctr of Arts

Claude Riedel has been creating stained glass windows and sculptures for more than 30 years. His artistic journey is personal. His grandfather was taken to Buchenwald
in Germany on Kristallnacht (the night of broken glass) in 1938.
He says ”I am inspired to put shards of glass back together in
new and meaningful ways”. Today you can become part of a unique experience as we meet the artist who is also one of the most prolific creators of Ner Tamids (eternal lights which hang in front of the Ark).

Mr. Riedel has collaborated with glass blowers, metal and bronze workers to craft more than 100 eternal flames for congregations across the globe. His first Ner Tamid was hung originally at Bet Shalom’s former home, a Lutheran Church in Hopkins. Today it hangs in Bet Shalom’s beautiful spiritual home in Minnetonka. Of his work, Claude says” I create ceremonial art that inspires and calms the spirit of the congregant…..and to inspire and not detract from prayer”.

Join us for a provocative morning. You will not be disappointed.

Minnesota Center for Glass Arts
2010 East Hennepin Avenue
Minneapolis 55415 612-759-8476

#3 Egypt’s Sunken Cities at Mia

Wednesday, November 14
Fee: $20.00
12:30: meet at Information Desk across from Gift Shop
Tour: 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm
Number of participants limited to 15.
Guests welcome

egypt sunkenMia is one of the first North American art museums to tell the epic story of one of the greatest finds in the history of underwater archaeology. A research mission and
excavation revealed the lost cities of ancient Egypt submerged under the Mediterranean Sea. More than 1200 years ago, two ancient cities were lost to natural disasters and the rising tides of the Mediterranean Sea. Franck Goddio, a pioneer of modern maritime archaeology and his team discovered the submerged ancient city of Thonis-Heracleion and parts of the city of Canopus. Before the founding of Alexandria in 331BC, Thonis-Heracleion (the Egyptian and Greek names of the city) was the primary port of entry to Egypt. Canopus, often mentioned by classical authors and religious leaders, was famous for its temples. Prior to the discovery in 2000, no trace of either city had been found. Many wondered, were these cities real or merely myth? We will see the myth become reality with the recovered buried monumental statues, religious images carved in stone, exquisite jewelry and delicate ceramics, all of which will lead us to a greater understanding of life during the age of pharaohs.

“The Times”, London, says this of the exhibition….. “this is a show to bring you to tears of wonder…..”. Do not miss a once in a lifetime opportunity to view an incredible discovery in a private tour with an experienced Mia docent!

Minneapolis Institute of Art
2400 3rd Avenue South
Minneapolis 55404

#4 Tour the Guthrie Theater

Tuesday, December 11
Fee: $10.00
Meet on Level 4 at 10:45 am
Tour at 11:00 am-11:45 am
Number of participants limited to 15. Guests welcome

guthrieJoin us for an intimate tour of an architectural and theatrical marvel: Guthrie Theater!

As the visit itself focuses on the backstage spaces, we will have an experienced guide who can work around production schedules enabling us to walk through the Thrust and Proscenium stages, the Scene shop where
sets are built, the Costume Shop, and the Prop Shop near the rehearsal rooms on Level 1.

We also suggest planning additional time to explore the public lobby spaces like the Endless Bridge and the Dowling Studio lobby on Level 9 when available.

See for yourself where and how this extraordinary organization prepares to provide you with transformative experiences that ignite the imagination, stir the heart and open the mind.

818 South 2nd Street 612.377.2224
Minneapolis 55415
Ramp and Street Parking